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Once upon a time, in the vast and breathtaking landscapes of Luckhoff, a small farming town nestled in the heart of the Free State in South Africa, me a young adventurer embarked on a remarkable journey. This was no ordinary expedition; it was a quest fueled by curiosity and a hunger for adventure. My weapon of choice? A slingshot, known locally as a “kettie” or “catty.”

Together with a band of farm boys, we would venture into the wilderness, seeking the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of providing for ourselves. In the icy grip of winter, when the biting cold permeated the air, we would converge in the rustic “skuur,” a sanctuary filled with the aroma of an open flame. There, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, we would skillfully aim their trusty slingshots to bring down birds, whose succulent meat would sizzle on the fire, warming our souls and fueling our adventures.

The slingshots we wielded were not the store-bought contraptions found in cities; they were handcrafted masterpieces, a testament to resourcefulness and ingenuity. We scoured the outdoors, their eyes attuned to the secrets of nature, seeking the perfect forked branches—sturdy, yet manageable—unearthed by time and weather. These treasures, discovered effortlessly beneath our very feet, would serve as the foundation of our weapons.

To construct the slingshots, we repurposed the inner tubes of worn-out tractor tires, each type possessing its own distinct qualities. The coveted red rubber tubes, approximately 2 millimeters thick, were the most sought-after by both adults and children. Carefully, we would slice away a strip of animal skin, cured with salt and deftly softened by rubbing, to fashion the durable pouches. Working with pocket knives, our hands occasionally bearing the proud scars of youthful exuberance, we meticulously bored holes and shaped the bands with precision, relying on sheep shears for the cleanest, sharpest cuts.


Surviving the intricate process with all our fingers intact felt like a miraculous triumph, a cause for celebration. Now came the task of assembly, scavenging the landscape for discarded wires or, if we were fortunate, pliable copper wiring that lent itself perfectly to manipulation and bending. Once our makeshift slingshots were complete, we would take to the fields or retreat to the familiar confines of the “skuur,” ready for their hunting sessions.

The creation of each slingshot spanned two to three arduous days, a testament to our dedication and perseverance. But our journey did not end there. With great care, we scoured the land for stones, with discerning eyes seeking the most spherical specimens capable of delivering the perfect shot. Day after day, we roamed the farm, embracing the spirit of adventure that coursed through our veins.


However, as time passed, the allure of the farm gave way to the encroaching tide of urbanization. The open fields succumbed to the relentless march of progress, transforming into the bustling city.



The cherished hunting expeditions became rare, confined only to precious school holidays or the occasional fishing trip. The bands that had served them faithfully began to fray and snap, and even with the makeshift replacements of “Haas rek”, they found themselves longing for the days when their fingers deftly plied the sturdy, hand-cut bands.


Years later, fate intervened, rekindling the dormant passion within my heart. In a moment of serendipity, I encountered a modern slingshot, equipped with flat bands, that awakened a deep yearning within my soul. The smoothness of the shot, the raw power and unwavering accuracy ignited an unquenchable fire within me again. I knew I had discovered something extraordinary, something that had to be shared.

And so, a new chapter began—a chapter dedicated to introducing South Africa to the marvels of slingshot shooting, or as we fondly called it, “Kettie Skiet.” Armed with bands that harnessed a fraction of the pull force yet possessed unparalleled power and consistency, I am embarking on a mission to spread the newfound love and expertise throughout the land.


Welcome to the dawn of a new era in slingshot shooting, where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with modern ingenuity. It is a tale of adventure, camaraderie, and a passionate pursuit that transcends time and borders. Let the echoes of the “kettie” resound, as South Africa embraces the exhilarating art of slingshot shooting.

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At GX Slingshots, we don’t just provide the equipment, we celebrate the experience. Our mission is to make slingshot shooting accessible and enjoyable for all, regardless of skill level or background. 


Our mission at GX Slingshots.com is to make slingshot shooting accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of skill level or background. We strive to provide top-quality equipment and resources to foster a love of the sport and promote its growth in South Africa. Our ultimate goal is to bring excitement, joy, and a sense of adventure to every slingshot shooter.

We believe that the joy of slingshot shooting is in the thrill of the shot, and we’re dedicated to helping you tap into that thrill. So whether you prefer classic wooden-crafted forks or cutting-edge 3D-printed units, all up to you, more importantly, we’re here to help you have a blast and make unforgettable memories.

Join us on our journey to bring the adventure of slingshot shooting to everyone!


At Gorilla X3M, we are fueled by a passion for growth and development in the world of slingshot shooting. Our South African roots are at the heart of everything we do, and our mission is to elevate the slingshot experience with the best possible equipment from around the world.

We believe in the power of slingshot shooting as a thrilling and satisfying sport that can bring joy and excitement to people of all backgrounds and skill levels. That’s why we are dedicated to providing slingshot enthusiasts with top-quality equipment and resources to enhance their experience.

As a South African company, we are proud to promote and foster a love of slingshot shooting within our community. We believe that by importing the best products from abroad and supporting local DIY slingshot builders, we can create a platform for slingshot shooting to grow and flourish as a sport in South Africa.

Join us on our journey to revolutionize slingshot shooting in South Africa. Let’s work together to make it more accessible, more enjoyable, and more exciting than ever before. With the best possible equipment and our passion for growth, the possibilities for slingshot shooting are endless.